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The application clauses to the Health Questionnaire

VERACITY: The signatory of the present Health Questionnaire declares that he has completed it in an exact and complete way, without any type of omission or reservation. In case of reservation or inaccuracy in the Questionnaire, or the accompanying medical information presented as a complement to it, the right to benefits guaranteed by the policy will be lost, reserving ACUNSA, in accordance with current legislation, the right to rescind the policy or cancel the insured in question.

UPDATE OF INFORMATION: The declarant undertakes to inform ACUNSA of any new developments regarding his health from the moment of completing the questionnaire until the date of effective registration as insured, and ACUNSA, if deemed necessary, may consider them in order to propose new contracting conditions.

COVERAGE: There are a series of complementary guarantees that each insured can contract as an option.
ACUNSA reserves the right to accept or reject the application for contracting the insurance or to propose a limitation on the requested coverage.
The mention of any disease / pathology DOES NOT IMPLY coverage.


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